Police Slang Book

Police Slang by Charles Harris is now out, published 2010 by Abson Books.

Police Slang cover

Confused by what cops say on TV shows or what you read in crime novels and true crime histories? This book will inform, entertain and perhaps even help when next accosted by the boys in blue.

Police Slang came as a result of research on my new novel, which itself entailed a great deal of time spent with the police, and talking to friends who are or were in the police.

At the time I realised there was a need for a good book on UK police slang as used in different parts of the country. I also realised that the language used by our police is both very funny, very scurrilous and very revealing.

It reveals all kinds of attitudes towards “civilians”, towards different police branches and towards themselves.

Some my favourites include DWE (… Driving While Elderly) and the many rather less than flattering terms that coppers use for civilian Police Community Support Officers (eg: CHIMPS – Can’t Help In Most Police Situations).

When you start reading the entries you begin to see how police, men and women, really think, the pressures they are under and the way the service operates in today’s world.

“A handy guide… get your hands on a copy” – Amy Oliver, Daily Mail

**** “Made me laugh” – Antonia J. Tate, Amazon UK

Police Slang
35 pages, small format
ISBN# #9780902920866

UK: Order your copy of Police Slang at £2.50 (including free delivery in the UK)

International: Order your copy of Police Slang at £2.50 (plus £1.95 airmail post and packing to anywhere in the world)

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