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This blog is moving house. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been finishing my new book on screenwriting – to be published in October. More of this soon on the new blog site – click here…woman jumping

You can now read all the blog, new and old articles, at http://www.charles-harris.co.uk/blog/ – I’ve just posted the latest article today: Seven ways of writing dialogue that stands out from the crowd.

I’ve many new articles in the pipeline, following the new work I put into the screenwriting book. They’ll be covering all kinds of issues from structure, pitching and treatment writing to finding your own voice and breaking the rules. So come across to the new site to take advantage of them. I’ve been speaking to a number of top film and TV industry producers, writers and other professionals, and I’ll be reporting back on that too. Plus I’ve got some other special treats planned, to be announced in the future.

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See you at http://www.charles-harris.co.uk

And have fun!